Efficiency, flexibility, collaboration, homeyness and well-being

In September 2021, Belgian bank Beobank opened the doors of its brand-new headquarters: tower D at the Quatuor complex in Brussels, now “Beobank House”.


Operational Director Pierre Delvaux explains: “I was given the opportunity to lead the design of the new headquarters of Beobank. At Beobank, we get to work in a modern and dynamic environment. We developed spaces that facilitate communication, for example. Spaces that encourage interaction between teams. This new workspace is absolutely magnificent. It perfectly aligns with the values of the bank and our expectations.


The workspaces themselves were zoned based on the activity, allowing each employee to perform their tasks optimally. This is why we adapted the atmosphere, colours and furniture. All employees were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the building and the furniture. Responses weren’t limited to our employees either; visitors who have graced us since our relocation in September clearly notice the difference as well. We can truly say that Beobank is a place where everyone loves to work.” 


“Pami was one of the furniture suppliers we had decided to call on. Quality, design and ergonomics were very important to us and Pami got the message from the start. They proceeded to draft several fitting proposals. It was a mix of formal and informal furniture ranging from various types of workstations, furniture for conference rooms, accessories, lockers and the furniture for Beobank Village.


The collaboration with Pami was very smooth, pleasant and efficient. From the procurement list all the way down to delivery and installation of the furniture. We would certainly recommend Pami. Pami listens to its clients, delivers excellent quality and they are a Belgian company to boot”, concluded Hilde van der Perre, procurement and logistics manager.