Checklist for your hybrid office design


Are you planning to (re)furnish your office soon? Then it’s best not to do it on the spur of the moment. You want to create an inspiring office environment that ensures productive, motivated employees. While no checklist can be 100% complete, the list below will give you a handle on how to optimise your hybrid office design.

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Pami joins the UN Global Compact


Since as far back as 2013, Pami has been the only Benelux company in our sector with a CSR Performance Ladder certificate. We are now proud to announce our accession to the UN Global Compact. Pami embraces the UN Global Compact principles and further integrates them into its business strategy and activities. It is a natural extension and confirmation of our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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5 tips for smart office design in small spaces


Furnishing a small office space can feel like solving a complex puzzle. How do you integrate everything into the space without it feeling stuffy? The secret is to make use of smart office design and make optimal use of the space to create a productive working environment. Here are a few tips about how to turn a small office space into an inspiring workplace.

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Meeting rooms within your overall office design


It is necessary to design meeting rooms as efficiently as possible in today’s offices, where flexibility and hybrid working are paramount. These spaces not only have to be functional, but also inspiring and adaptable to the changing needs of employees. This blog post shares some ideas for setting up types of meeting rooms within your office environment.

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The benefits of an office dog: A leg-up on productivity


The office dog. Ever thought of having a faithful four-legged friend stroll around the office, happily wagging his tail? Besides plenty of cuddles, they provide other benefits to the company and employees. Curious about how? We talk about some of the benefits in this blog.

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Technology in the smart office


Do you take an innovative approach to your office space? Choose a smart office and use technology to make the workplaces more efficient and effective. From office occupancy to climate control, technology can offer a helping hand.

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Office design with everyone in mind


A working environment is more than just desks and chairs. It’s about creating an environment in which every employee can feel good and give the best of themselves. An office is both inspiring and functional.

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Balancing work and private life


As an employer, you want your employees to be productive and deliver good results, but it is also important they have a good balance between their work and private life. If they get this right, they will have enough time for work, but also for the other important things in their lives, such as family and friends, sports or hobbies.

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Meet Pami at Workspace Design Show


After the success in London, the first edition of the Workspace Design Show will soon take place in Amsterdam. A leading event around the workplace of the future with best practices, inspiring top speakers and interesting contacts. Exclusively aimed at industry professionals such as (interior) architects, facility managers or end-users. And Pami will be there, too!

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Sustainability report 2022 - 2023


At PAMI, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are important cornerstones of our strategy. Being increasingly conscious of raw materials of all kinds, of energy and the environment, of our employees and our working environment, of our customers and suppliers, in short of all our stakeholders, is essential in the current economic context.

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Flexibility, it’s more than a buzzword


When hybrid is the reality, flexibility is essential. The work environment must be able to quickly evolve along with the wants and needs of your employees, the culture of your organisation and changes over time.

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Make the most of the outdoors while working


More than ever, the working environment contributes to employee engagement and performance in the workplace. You can create experience, inspiration, and motivation among your employees with the right interior. The outdoor space also deserves due consideration here as an extension of your existing office.

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Improved sitting posture and comfort thanks to an ergonomic office chair


Ergonomics is important when furnishing your office. Providing your staff with ergonomic furniture is an absolute must both in the office and at home. It ensures better posture, improves health, increases productivity and saves costs in the long run. So, a proper office chair is essential.

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New collaboration with sheltered workshop Bewel


As part of a major recruitment campaign, Pami attracted five new talented employees through a partnership with sheltered workshop Bewel. Bewel is a renowned organisation committed to employing people distanced from the labour market. Pami and Bewel share the belief that anyone who is committed can add value to our society, our economy, and themselves.

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Taking a break, the secret behind a productive working day


Do you know colleagues who just keep working during their lunch break with their lunch next to the keyboard? Or maybe you’ve caught yourself doing it? Stop! It’s high time to take a break and read this blog.

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How to make the most of your office space


Whether you bought new premises or are ready to redesign your office, designing your office space is a challenging task in which several aspects are important. It takes time and good preparation! So how do you best integrate your employees and teams into the new working environment?

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World Environment Day


World Environment Day, a day on which we draw extra attention to the importance of the environment for our planet and our society. Everyone is responsible for our earth and its resources. This blog offers a glimpse of our own efforts.

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Let colours do the talking in the office


Colour is emotion and plays an important role in how we feel about something. By using colour in the right way, you can make the working environment more pleasant and improve the employee experience. That’s why it’s important to pay more attention to the use of colour in your interiors. But how do you decide which colours to use and how best to use them?

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Acoustics as an added value


Comfort is vital for hybrid employees. Think broadly when it comes to the different aspects involved! Consider ergonomics, technology, hygiene, air quality and temperature quality, or even catering. An acoustically comfortable work environment also contributes to the experience and significantly improves productivity and job satisfaction.

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The dimensions of the new work paradigm


Companies are increasingly restructuring their way of working in favour of hybrid alternatives. This new approach creates interesting dynamics between individuals, organisations, technology and the working environment. However, it also constitutes quite a challenge. The white paper “The 7 dynamics of the new work paradigm” presented by Capgemini Invent and Cushman & Wakefield explores these unique dimensions. This blog takes a closer look at some of their insights.

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Meet Pami at Design District Rotterdam


The time has come! The 20th edition of Design District is approaching. The Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam will open its doors from 24 to 26 May 2023. It promises to be another unmissable fair for everyone passionate about interiors and design

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Happy employees make happy customers


If you know how to create a good working atmosphere as an employer, it will benefit your whole company. If your employees feel good about themselves at work, you’ll see this directly in the way they interact with customers. But how do you build that pleasant and motivating working atmosphere?

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How a positive mindset makes your life more pleasant


Everyone at work has occasional bad days and setbacks. How you and your colleagues deal with it affect the working atmosphere. How do you stay focused on what works well and makes your work life more pleasant? Find out all about it in this blog post. Learn about the irresistible power of a positive mindset and how to encourage it in the workplace. Gain insights that will benefit both you and your staff across the board.

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Visit Pami at FM Day 2023


Next Thursday, 30.03.2023, it's that time of the year again, a new edition of FM Day! The place to be for Facility Managers.

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Meet Pami at Workspace Expo Paris


Europe's leading annual trade fair for design, furniture and office furnishing - Workspace Expo - will take place from 4 to 6 April 2023 in Paris. During these three days, Pami will present, among other things, Ricoh's smart locker system to professionals in the design and architecture sector.

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Pami lands mega contract with federal government once again


Belgian workspace designer Pami secured a €56 million mega order in September 2022. Now, four months later, they’re popping the champagne open again. “In addition to the office furniture order, we can now supply office chairs and acoustic elements to the federal public services,” explains CEO Lode Essers.

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Christmas & New Year 2022


We will temporarily be unavailable between Christmas and New Year.

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Pami dramatically expands its payroll thanks to major contract with federal government


Press Release - Belgian office architect Pami won yet another major order. “We just received confirmation that we were granted a four-year contract to supply office furniture to all federal government departments”, explained CEO Lode Essers. “Of course, this is magnificent news in these challenging times.”

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How do you get four generations in the office to work together efficiently?


Generation Z has been entering the labour market as from 2016. Since baby boomers are not ready to retire just yet, odds are that you as an employer face the challenge of forging a collaboration between four

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Working outside? Great for body and mind!


As children, we used to play outside for hours on end. But as we grew older, we seem to have gotten increasingly stuck to our chairs. According to the American Environmental Protection Agency, we spend a mere seven percent of our lives outside. It wouldn’t hurt to add a couple of percentage points to that figure.

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How good office acoustics improve focus and productivity


What does your office sound like? Do you hear yourself twice when calling a colleague? Do voices and office sounds blend into a disturbing noise? Pleasant office acoustics make it much more enjoyable to work there. Discover how to create work-friendly acoustics in this blog post. Address noise stress and loss of focus and productivity at the root.

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