Circular Workspace Design

Fact: the economy will either be circular or it won't exist at all!

After all, our raw materials are limited and we only have one earth. If we want to fundamentally change our idea about raw materials and their use, our starting point must be the only raw material which is not finite: human ingenuity. The circular economy begins with the right mind-set.

Pami took steps towards a sustainable future very early on. Since 2013, Pami has been the only one in the sector in the Benelux to be able to present the CSR certificate according to the CSR Performance Ladder.

Pami is also committed to a circular economy and is constantly taking important steps. Without sacrificing an inspiring and contemporary office environment. Qualitative, reliable and sustainable. These are three long-term core values that still fundamentally distinguish us as a family business. And which we cherish.

Pami furniture lasts several generations of employees and is extremely rarely replaced because it is said to be worn out.

After all, reliable materials are by definition more durable and smart design encourages a longer lifespan. Both are part of our 100% Belgian DNA and contribute to our common goal: an economy in which waste hardly exists.

Follow our 5-step plan

Pami - Circular Workspace Design - Inventory

1. Make an inventory

A well-founded, circularly responsible office (re)design starts with a comprehensive inventory.

This includes all existing office furniture, its condition and the extent to which it can be reused. The latter ranges from 'in very good condition and ready to be reused', to 'slightly damaged and/or dated, but revitalisable', to 'no longer usable'.

Pami - Circular Workspace Design - Analyse

2. Analyse

We then analyse how the (re)usable parts from the inventory can find a place in your new offices. You will receive a detailed report, including a plan of action, timing and a calculation of your potential savings.

On this basis, you can make a correct decision on which office furniture will get a new life.

Pami - Circular Workspace Design

Pami - Circular Workspace Design - Create

3. Create

At Pami, we fundamentally question every stage of the production process. For instance, we always strive for minimal use of raw materials, we produce 100% in Belgium with the most energy-efficient infrastructure and we realise 90% of our turnover within a 250 km radius of our company premises.

All with a view to continuously further reducing our ecological footprint.

Pami - Circular Workspace Design - Revitalise

4. Revitalise

The use of high-quality raw materials in a well-thought-out, timeless design results in products that are very easy to assemble, maintain and disassemble. As often as you like, with just basic tools.

As a result, most parts of Pami furniture qualify for repurpose and remanufacture or can simply be given a new use.

Pami - Circular Workspace Design - Recycle

5. Recycle

By considering 'cascading' circles in the development and production phase, we reduce our environmental impact.

Besides all the advantages of their modularity, our products are also designed for recycling. Once re-use, remanufacture or second-hand is no longer possible and furniture is really 'worn out', we can take it back and disassemble it into different recyclable material fractions.

Roller shutter cabinet becomes contemporary locker

Are you experiencing the trend of having less paper and more flexible work stations in the office as time progresses? Revitalise your roller shutter cabinets and turn them into lockers. Even those of non-Pami brands!

Pami - Circular - locker refurbishing

Locker refurbishing

To furnish their new headquarters, a major player in the Belgian banking sector was looking for a partner to produce and install locker cabinets for their employees. Since circularity and sustainability are an integral part of their business strategy and DNA, they chose to refurbish existing locker cabinets and supplement them with new ones.

Pami eventually won the contract and took care of the technical studies, production, transport, delivery and installation. Within the agreed delivery deadline, Pami refurbished and produced +- 10,000 lockers.

Pami - Circular - boardroom refurbishing

Boardroom refurbishing

Proximus contacted us to refresh the boardroom in the iconic twin towers at Brussels North Station. Based on their ambitious objectives, Proximus and Pami decided not to renew everything, but only to refurbish the boardroom table. Meeting chairs, cabinets, the base incorporating the AV technology, etc. were still in good condition.

The new top was designed by our in-house R&D department and perfectly tailored with the necessary cut-outs for the screens, controls and micros. The Fenix top has a sleek appearance and a silky-smooth feel thanks to its distinctive nano technology.

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