Ergonomic office chairs at standing desk with acoustic walls

a holistic approach to an ergonomic work environment.

Pami considers ergonomics to be more than just the right chair combined with the perfect worktop height. After all, ergonomics is about human well-being in general. Which depends on an extensive series of factors that make people feel comfortable in their work environment, allowing them to function better and improve their performance.


In that regard, moving regularly and changing position are at least as important as maintaining a perfect sitting posture or ideal screen distance.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that the efficiency of a workstation is largely determined by the person who will occupy it and the tasks they will be performing. This leads to the inevitable conclusion that the better a workstation can be ergonomically adjusted to the individual, the better that person will perform. And the higher they will rank their well-being!  In other words, an elusive win-win that each of our work environment designs is maximised for.