City of Hasselt

Over 500 workstations in the new town hall of Hasselt

In the summer of 2018, the Hasselt city and OCMW services moved to a new town tall, now colloquially known as ‘t Scheep. The pronounced design by Jasper-Eyers Architects, SAQ Architects, MASS Architects and Michel Janssen literally reflects heritage in pioneering architecture.


The contractors called on Pami’s expertise for the design of over 500 workstations and various meeting rooms. The Workspace Designers from Pelt received a comprehensive briefing based on consultation rounds with staff members of the various municipal departments, a participation project with residents of the city and specialist workgroups.


As a family-run business, Pami attaches particular importance to personal contact with customers. Preliminary designs and office concepts were therefore always extensively discussed with the contractors and tested against the specifications. Of course, over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing made-to-measure office interiors proved an invaluable asset. Close collaboration with all stakeholders resulted in the fact that the new town hall of Hasselt contains barely any or no standard furniture at all. Standard furniture was optimally adjusted to the specific needs and functions of the wide range of different workspaces. This is undoubtedly most visible in the design of the meeting rooms. The design of the conference tables subtly reflects the design language of the space that surrounds it and seamlessly integrates all necessary technology. Form follows function, except tailored to each workspace and the comfort of the users.


Each workstation was designed to optimise the well-being of every employee as well as the service experience of each visitor. From touchdown workstations with accompanying stools to sit-stand tables for a dynamic workday. Acoustic panels, light, colour and layout of individual desks or tables for two, four or six people make for pleasant spaces to work in.


Every Pami interior project is the result of a close collaboration between our own designers, account managers, customisers, mechanics and finishers. And every Pami furniture piece that leaves the workshops in Pelt on its way to a client is 100% made in Belgium.

We are very proud of this collaboration as well as the result!

Project photos