Landmark in post-industrial mine landscape

A gorgeous and contemporary headquarters demands a stylish and functional interior. This is why H.Essers and ILB Architecten called on Pami, a specialist in workspace design for over sixty years. 


“In consultation with architect Elizabet Iglesias, we tailored a stimulating and motivating work environment including the necessary attention to ‘the new way of working’, said Pami’s Sales & Marketing Director Bart Driessen. “In addition to traditional functional workstations for everyday office tasks, we provided a wide range of other dedicated solutions: flexible workstations, ergonomic sit-stand desks, small and large meeting rooms fitted with the latest technologies for online booking and video conferencing, phone and other smaller ‘booths’ where employees can make a phone call without disturbing their colleagues, informal meeting places, lounges, etc. We used our i.work modules and a.long conference tables, among others.


For the soft-seating elements, we relied on high-quality partners such as Vitra, Artifort, Viasit and HAY. Furthermore, we designed special tables based on the architect’s sketches.


In short: we went all out to give the interior of H.Essers’ new headquarters the aspired look and feel. We are very pleased with this reference, especially since the project is a perfect example to today’s zeitgeist: firstly, due to both our and H.Essers’ commitment to sustainability. Secondly, due to digitisation and the new way of working which is being implemented at an accelerated rate since the corona crisis.


The fact that we also did the interior of H.Essers’ first headquarters in Genk 27 years ago, added extra colour to the story. We are very proud to have been able to pull out all the stops for a satisfied customer who has always been loyal to us since our first successful collaboration in 1994!"

Project photos