An innovative mindset.

Innovation is what fuelled Melexis’ office interior. The new office was to support the innovative mindset of Melexis. Inspired by companies such as Google, Microsoft and Getronics, 

the new office interior is very open, an important factor for this company. The interior deliberate ignores any corporate hierarchy. The CEO does not have a separate office and uses the same type of workstation as everybody else. There are a few meeting rooms but they are reserved for larger meetings only. A series of communication corners provides a specific spot for each task. Such as corners for attending remote presentations and others that allow people to seclude themselves in order to focus on their work. The office concept also includes comfortable sofas, which contribute to the office acoustics as well as providing an excellent communication spot.

Melexis want to make the work environment as pleasant as possible for their employees. The new office interior should make applicants feel welcome. This is why they opted for an interior compatible with the new way of working combined with a cosy and homey atmosphere.