Overpelt Municipality

The bliss of flexibility.

The town hall of Overpelt reopened its doors mid-January 2018. The building had been closed for nine months for a major renovation. The premises are now energy-efficient, offer room for additional services and were made more practical and comfortable for the public and staff alike.

The renovation of the town hall is not the end of the story. It comes with a new way of working. A flexible one: nobody has a permanent desk anymore. Instead, everyone installs themselves at an available workstation or one that is desirable or necessary based on the tasks and assignments at hand. To put it simply, this way of working requires less space to facilitate more people. In addition, progress is being made in terms of digitisation and automation of background work processes and services for the people. The goal is to let people use digital services from home as much as possible in order to free up time at the counter to help those who need it.