Dynamic collaboration

Research revealed that the 10,000 m2 office building occupied by Sabam, the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers, was too big, too expensive and too old. It no longer met the current needs of a modern authors' association. Therefore, Sabam went in search of new, smaller premises that exuded more warmth, creativity and culture. 
Brussels gem
It discovered a real gem in the centre of Brussels. The extraordinary original structure dates from 1964, and used to be the headquarters of the political party cdH. Designed by architects René Aerts and Paul Ramon, it immediately stands out due to its remarkable façade. It consists of 228 panels of orange polyester glass, shaped like vintage television screens. Such a building, part of our creative heritage, perfectly embodies the spirit of Sabam and its authors. 
Moving to a smaller location is a change that has a major impact. With this in mind, Sabam enlisted the services of PROCOS Group to guide it through the process.
Original, functional and flexible
In the new office environment, the focus was on hospitality, openness and hybrid working. The office had to foster a connectedness between employees, as well as Sabam members. To achieve this, PROCOS Group created a cosy, flexible yet functional environment with a diverse range of workplace options. From meeting rooms that promote collaboration to individual workstations allowing staff to concentrate and work independently.


Employees now choose their workplace depending on the task at hand, and when they are going to perform it. PROCOS Group and Sabam relied on Pami's expertise for the production and installation of the individual office furniture items. The end result is a modern, stylish working environment with plenty of space for interaction.


Pictures: PROCOS Group / Vivec - Katie Verkinderen