Tennis Vlaanderen

Game, set, match!

 The General Secretariat of Tennis Vlaanderen, formerly VTV, used to be located on the fourth floor of the office building above the Louizapoort gallery in Brussels. The work platform consisted of a series of now dated separate office spaces. The need for expansion and innovation drove Tennis Vlaanderen to purchase the fifth floor as well.

As a result, two floors were available for the redesign and renovation project. Architects in Motion were responsible for the design led by Peter Mertens and Mieke Goris. Functionality, flexibility, personality and a dynamic and contemporary work environment were the most important design accents. The architects connected the two levels by removing a floor section and installing duplex stairs for optimal efficiency. Visitors can now enter via both floors.

Back and front office The fourth floor was designated as the company's back office section where all administrative services are centered. It offers employees a landscape platform with 24 workstations. The landscape setting supports optimal interaction between employees and offers booths and silent capsules for internal meetings.

The fifth floor combines lunch, reception and meeting rooms in a multipurpose environment. This front office area can take on different modes of use: meeting rooms, cafeteria, auditorium setups, foyer, waiting room and evening events. Separated by flexible acoustic walls, the area boasts three meeting rooms that can be configured for 6 to 40 attendees. In addition, the auditorium setups allow for groups up to 72 people.

Room names are based on tennis terminology. On the one hand, this is a playful reference to the sport; on the other, it underlines the multifunctional nature without the name fixating on a specific function. With regards to the use of colours, the designers departed from the archetypal ‘gravel’ and ‘grass’ tennis fields. Red and green colour accents with black and white as a foundation for a sense of serenity and class.

Sound-absorbing mats were installed between the beams of the ribbed concrete floor. Combined with the carpet, they make up the foundation of the acoustic comfort in the office, which is also experienced in the meeting rooms separated by acoustic walls. The booths are acoustically insulated as well. The original central heating system was retained with the addition of balanced ventilation and a cooling system. Furthermore, the electrical installation and data cables were completely renovated with the addition of a wireless component. The lighting is energy efficient, friendly to the eye and supports the contemporary dynamic atmosphere. A thermally interrupted system with insulated glazing fitted with automated exterior awning replaces the old exterior joinery.

Source: 30/01/2015